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Dynamic Substance Trenbolone Acetate

Packs 10ml (100mg/ml)

Ultima-Tren (Trenbolone Acetate) is particularly productive for muscle increase and solidifying muscles.

It furnishes the client with that attractive 3D look perceived by numerous weight lifters.

System of activity

Trenbolone is a 19-nor steroid, fundamentally it is near Nandrolone. It conveys anabolic rating of 500, which is unlikely rather than the greater part of anabolic steroids. Simultaneously, it has ludicrously short half existence of 3 days.

Ultima-Tren expands IGF-1, which serves to create muscle tissue. It additionally improves complete body affectability to IGF-1 and HGF too.

It quickens red platelet sum, which assumes a noteworthy part in muscle tissue recuperation.

Firm fondness to the androgen receptor makes Trenbolone’s activity one of the most grounded and most dependable AAS.


It underpins muscle development with zero water maintenance.

Ultima-Tren doesn’t just advance muscle development and maintenance of different amino acids, it ties to the glucocorticoid hormone, empowering its catabolic impacts.

Not at all like the vast majority of AAS, Trenbolone doesn’t change over into estrogen, so estrogen-related results are far-fetched.

Ultima-Tren animates androgen receptors in fat tissue, so it has a twofold androgenic impact in any event, when utilized in a cutting cycle.

It is ideal for challenge arrangements since its impact is firm and quick, yet the steroid will evaporate inside 3 days after you completed the cycle.

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