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Dynamic Substance Boldenone Undecylenate

Packs 10 ml (250mg/ml)

Ultima-Bold (Equipoise) is an effective AAS in lean mass put on and weight reduction.

Ultima-Bold has a functioning element of Boldenone Undecylenate, which is a basically adjusted type of testosterone with less androgenic properties than test has.

Ultima-Bold’s acknowledgment goes on for 21 days.

Component of activity

Basically, Ultima Bold is a subsidiary of testosterone with adjustments in carbons 1 and 2. It is used by the 5 alpha reductase protein and changes into particularly amazing dihydroboldenone, which is a twice more strong androgen than DHT.

Ultima Bold is the nearest to Dianabol. The main distinction is the methyl bunch clung to the seventeenth carbon in Dbol.

Eventually, it upgrades protein blend and advances nitrogen maintenance so that muscle building potential altogether increments. There is very common increment in red platelet tally that may modestly improve oxygen transportation. Not at all like different AASs, Ultima-Bold doesn’t advance water maintenance or as much estrogen related SDs. Buy Ultima Bold 250mg Online With Bitcoin From Online Steroid Store

Other than it supports anabolic movement, Ultima-Bold triggers hunger headway, which is really useful for the individuals who absence of craving when on building.


Ultima-Bold is a fit slow time of year drug; its essential preferred position is ability to advance leveling up that will be steady and mass that won’t scatter before long. It won’t give any immense muscle gain, so if your objective is to plan quick for any presentation, Ultima-Bold won’t suit you. It is more expected to help and ensure restricted at this point perpetual measure of muscles.

Ultima-Bold is a main enhancement for a cutting cycle. It is a dependable protectant, with regards to fat misfortune and keeping lean mass unblemished.

The last advantage will be the high bearableness of this medication because of its low estrogenic and gentle androgenic impact. Neither men nor ladies are probably going to encounter any hormone-based results whenever taken in suggested sums. Ultima-Bold isn’t hepatotoxic in any way.

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