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Testonon 400 contains: 30mg/ml short-acting Testosterone Propionate, 30mg/ml of Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 20mg/ml of Testosterone Acetate,120mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 200mg oof Testosterone Decanoate.

The primary, testosterone propionate, is short-acting and gives Testonon a speedy beginning of activity in a steroid cycle. Different esters are medium to long-acting. Testosterone is liable for advancing wellbeing and prosperity through upgraded charisma, energy, invulnerability, expanded fat misfortune, picking up and keeping up slender bulk, forestalling Osteoporosis (loss of bone thickness) and conceivable insurance against coronary illness Testonon 400 makes some delivery memories of between 1-12 days. It is normally infused twice consistently, however a few clients decide on a higher infusion recurrence of three times each week. Normal measurements are 400mg-1200mg/week.

Cautioning: in the event that you will utilize a high thought drug unexpectedly, we firmly prescribe to infuse just ½ ml to check the body response and to forestall conceivable results, which can incorporate post infusion torment (PIP), high internal heat level, knots, and so on

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