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Halobol is demonstrated for supplanting treatment in conditions related with insufficiency or nonappearance of endogenous testosterone, for example, essential hypogonadism, testicular disappointment, postponed adolescence or metastatic mammary disease in females.

Alpha-Pharma Halobol (Fluoxymesterone, 50 pills x 5mg, otherwise known as Halotestin) is an engineered subordinate of Testosterone, however it is specifically really a subsidiary of Methyltestosterone (Testosterone that has been Methylated). It is by and large viewed as a solid oral anabolic steroid that can’t aromatize into Estrogen and furthermore displays solid androgenic quality also.

Halobol specifically has an anabolic quality rating of 1900 and an androgenic quality rating of 850. At the point when this is contrasted and its parent hormone Testosterone, any individual can without much of a stretch perceive how tremendously amazing Halobol is both concerning its anabolic muscle building capacities just as its androgenic abilities too.

Similarly, Testosterone’s anabolic and androgenic quality evaluations are 100 individually, which effectively shows the way that Halobol is an inconceivably titanic multiple times more grounded than Testosterone itself, and its androgenic quality is a lesser however similarly imposing 8.5 occasions the quality of Testosterone.

This makes Halo an amazingly intense anabolic just as an extremely solid androgen – more grounded than Trenbolone, which is viewed as the most grounded traditionally and industrially accessible anabolic steroid accessible.


Every container contains 50 tablets of 5mg each.

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